Webdesign – Integrations – SEO


About a third of the projects I do is traditional webdesign. Building new websites, implementing changes or replacing existing sites. I suggest designs, set up the website and make configurations and adaptations to make it suit your business. Depending on budget I can make tailor made designs or work from a template.

A considerable portion of my clients are real estate agents. This means I have lots of experience and insights into what a real estate agent needs for the website. Which brings us to the sedond area of business, which is:

Integration and special functionality

The most common integration is integrating a customer management system like ResalesOnline or InfoCasa to an existing Real Estate site. I have done that integration several times and know the interfaces, so if you are looking to integrate Resales Online to your existing or new website, WordPress as well as custom, try contacting me.

Other types of integrations and tailor made systems may vary from payment systems to handling notifications from other systems, time reporting and invoicing systems, etc. Call or email and tell me about your case and we’ll what I can do for you.

SEO and Search Advertisement (Adwords)

For many website owners, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important way to reach customers. But I would argue it is never the only way and not always the best. When I get to know your business, we can discuss and find the best solution for you, be it SEO, Google Ads, Social Marketing, or maybe something completely different.

Bug fixing and Maintenance

Sometimes a client comes to me because their previous webdesigner didn’t know programming so could not resolve issues that might arise with a website. Other times, their website has been hacked and they need help cleaning, restoring the site and tighten security.

After getting hacked, some clients realise it might be worth having someone taking care of maintenance, backups etc for a monthly fee.


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