Alamo Costa del Sol redesign

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Omdesign Alamo Costa del Sol

We had been doing the Search Optimization (SEO) for Alamo Costa del Sol for a while when we realized they needed a new custome. Reine at Webdesign Costa del Sol came up with a pretty radical design that got Sven at Alamo firing on all cylinders. With some feedback and adaptations, that was the starting point for Alamo’s new website. The most important goal for the new website was increasing engagement and buyer leads. The measures to acheive that goal were:

  • Make it easier for the visitor to start searching for a property to buy
  • Keep visitor attention by delivering appealing content
  • Make property details accessible and property selection easier
  • Invoke trust in visitors
  • Reduce loading times
  • Reduce contacting barriers

All measures were implemented and we have seen a sharp rise in number of queries from the website.